Commit e85a270e authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fixed incorrect review priories.

Added read filter action.
Fixed display of idle time in session list.
parent 5f7671ee
2001-04-25 David Byers <>
* english-strings.el (lyskom-filter-actions): Add string for read
filter action.
* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-filter-actions): Add string for read
filter action.
* view-text.el (lyskom-view-text): Support "read" filter action.
* commands1.el (lyskom-review-marked-texts): Use
lyskom-review-get-priority to set priority of review operation.
(lyskom-view-commented-text): Ditto.
(lyskom-who-is-on-9): If user-active has not been used, do not
show an idle time (say "Unknown" instead).
* commands2.el (kom-review-faq): Ditto.
* mship-edit.el (lyskom-read-time): Don't use lyskom-client-date.
* slow.el (lyskom-slow-start-of-line-pos): New function.
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ the other ones."
(if (cdr text-nos)
'REVIEW nil (lyskom-get-current-priority)
'REVIEW nil (lyskom-review-get-priority)
(lyskom-create-text-list (cdr text-nos))
lyskom-reading-list t))
......@@ -2029,7 +2029,7 @@ If MARK-NO is nil, review all marked texts."
(let ((read-info (lyskom-create-read-info
(lyskom-create-text-list text-list)
nil t)))
(read-list-enter-read-info read-info lyskom-reading-list t)
......@@ -2772,10 +2772,15 @@ Uses Protocol A version 9 calls"
(concat "(" (dynamic-session-info->what-am-i-doing who-info)
(if kom-show-since-and-when
(let ((active (if (< (dynamic-session-info->idle-time who-info) 60)
(lyskom-get-string 'active)
(dynamic-session-info->idle-time who-info))))
(let ((active
(if (session-flags->user_active_used
(dynamic-session-info->flags who-info))
(if (< (dynamic-session-info->idle-time who-info) 60)
(lyskom-get-string 'active)
(dynamic-session-info->idle-time who-info)))
(lyskom-get-string 'Unknown2))
......@@ -2230,7 +2230,7 @@ Return-value: 'no-session if there is no suitable session to switch to
(lyskom-create-read-info 'REVIEW
(lyskom-create-text-list faq-list)
nil t)
lyskom-reading-list t)))))
......@@ -905,6 +905,7 @@ for a text.
(has-left-r . "%#2@%#1P has left %#3s.\n")
(Unknown . "Unknown")
(unknown . "unknown")
(Unknown2 . "Unknown")
(no-longer-member . "You are no longer a member of %#1M.\n")
(no-longer-member-n . "You are no longer a member of %#1m (conference is gone).\n")
......@@ -1906,6 +1907,7 @@ You must become an active member of the conference to enter it.\n")
(lyskom-language-var lyskom-filter-actions en
'((skip-text . "Skip")
(dontshow . "Don't show")
(read . "Exclude from filter")
(skip-tree . "Skip comments")))
(defconst lyskom-keybindings-missing nil)
......@@ -902,6 +902,7 @@ upptagna. Logga ut och kom tillbaks senare om du v
(has-left-r . "%#2@Nu har %#1P gtt ur %#3s.\n")
(Unknown . "Oknd")
(unknown . "oknd")
(Unknown2 . "Oknt")
(unknown-person . "Oknd person")
(no-longer-member . "Du r inte lngre medlem i %#1M.\n")
......@@ -1905,6 +1906,7 @@ Du m
(lyskom-language-var lyskom-filter-actions sv
'((skip-text . "Hoppa ver")
(dontshow . "Visa inte")
(read . "Undanta frn filtrering")
(skip-tree . "Hoppa ver kommentarer")))
......@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ Note that this function must not be called asynchronously."
(if (not (or (null filter)
(eq filter 'read)
(eq filter 'dontshow)))
(lyskom-message "%s" (lyskom-get-string 'invalid-filter-list)))
(if (eq filter 'dontshow)
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