Commit ec46e8c3 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fixed bug that cause cleaning of read-FAQs to clean the wrong items

parent 696b3603
2002-08-13 David Byers <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-clean-read-faqs-1): Fixed negated
condition that cause read *existing* FAQs to be marked as unread.
2002-08-12 David Byers <> 2002-08-12 David Byers <>
* startup.el (lyskom-refetch): Call lyskom-clean-read-faqs. * startup.el (lyskom-refetch): Call lyskom-clean-read-faqs.
...@@ -781,16 +781,17 @@ that are no longer FAQs or are missing." ...@@ -781,16 +781,17 @@ that are no longer FAQs or are missing."
"Callback for lyskom-clean-read-faqs" "Callback for lyskom-clean-read-faqs"
(let ((cmp (int-to-string conf-no))) (let ((cmp (int-to-string conf-no)))
(when (or (null text-stat) (when (or (null text-stat)
(lyskom-traverse aux (lyskom-get-aux-item (not (lyskom-traverse aux (lyskom-get-aux-item
(text-stat->aux-items text-stat) (text-stat->aux-items text-stat)
28) 28)
(when (string= cmp (aux-item->data aux)) (when (string= cmp (aux-item->data aux))
(lyskom-traverse-break t)))) (lyskom-traverse-break t)))))
(initiate-modify-conf-info 'background (initiate-modify-conf-info 'background
nil nil
pers-no pers-no
(list (aux-item->aux-no item)) (list (aux-item->aux-no item))
nil)))) nil)
(defun lyskom-enter-conf (conf-stat read-info) (defun lyskom-enter-conf (conf-stat read-info)
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