Commit f2bee73f authored by Jonas Frid's avatar Jonas Frid
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Corrected bugs in Settings for new FAQ features.

parent 33cd8d76
2002-04-18 Jonas Frid <>
* swedish-strings.el (lyskom-custom-strings): Bugfix in
kom-auto-list-faqs-tag. Missing '.'.
* option-edit.el (lyskom-custom-variables): Bugfix in
kom-auto-list-faqs and kom-auto-review-faqs. Missing parantheses.
2002-04-17 Ulrik Haugen <>
Fix bug 464:
......@@ -518,8 +518,8 @@ customize buffer but do not save them to the server."
(kom-autowrap (choice ((const (on t))
(const (off nil))
(number nil :tag max-text-length))))
(kom-auto-list-faqs (toggle on off))
(kom-auto-review-faqs (toggle on off))
(kom-auto-list-faqs (toggle (on off)))
(kom-auto-review-faqs (toggle (on off)))
(kom-dashed-lines (toggle (on off)))
(kom-show-author-at-end (toggle (on off)))
......@@ -4053,7 +4053,7 @@ i servern. Annars sparas det i din .emacs.")
(kom-review-uses-cache-tag . "tersekommandon anvnder sparade inlgg:")
(kom-review-marks-texts-as-read-tag . "tersekommandon lsmarkerar visade texter:")
(kom-auto-review-faqs-tag . "Visa nya FAQer automatiskt:")
(kom-auto-list-faqs-tag "Lista nya FAQer automatiskt:")
(kom-auto-list-faqs-tag . "Lista nya FAQer automatiskt:")
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