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Minor fixes, perhaps/probably a bit late, perhaps not.

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......@@ -535,8 +535,8 @@
The initial value is deleted automatically if you start typing a
new name, and can be edited by moving the cursor before typing.
** Om versions of Emacs that support it, the client can display
images. This behavior is controled with kom-format-show-images.
** In versions of Emacs that support it, the client can display
images. This behavior is controlled with kom-format-show-images.
** The client can re-connect to the server when a command is issued in
a dead session. See the variables kom-relogin-behavior,
......@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@
confirmation before doing so.
** Using M-c as a prefix to any review command toggles whether it will
use the cace or not.
use the cache or not.
** Reception of group messages can be controlled separately of the
passive/active status of a membership. This requires a server that
......@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@
** The client will periodically post a reminder about writing a
presentation. The frequency of this reminder will increase with
increased activity. If you want to disable it, you will have to
read the source code to find out how.
write a presentation (or read the source code to find out how).
** The variable kom-extended-status-information can take new values.
This variable controls the display of extended status information
......@@ -802,7 +802,7 @@
** Unknown variables saved in the user area are retained, at least to
some extent. The user area is versioned to print more informative
warnings about unknown variables.
warnings about unknown variables.
** Saved texts do not have relative dates.
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