Commit f9000001 authored by David Kågedal's avatar David Kågedal
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Håll reda på köerna.

parent 55a34c04
......@@ -88,16 +88,58 @@
hits misses hitrate phits pmisses)))
(defvar max-pending-calls 0)
(defadvice lyskom-check-output-queues (before stat activate)
(fields-replace cache-info-fields
(int-to-string lyskom-number-of-pending-calls))
(when (> lyskom-number-of-pending-calls max-pending-calls)
(setq max-pending-calls lyskom-number-of-pending-calls)
(defvar queue-sizes (make-vector 10 0))
(defun lyskom-send-packet (kom-queue string)
"Send a packet to the server.
Add info on lyskom-pending-calls. Update lyskom-ref-no.
;; Queue it
(let* ((pri (lyskom-queue-priority kom-queue))
(sz (1+ (aref queue-sizes pri))))
(lyskom-queue-enter (aref lyskom-output-queues pri)
(cons lyskom-ref-no string))
(aset queue-sizes pri sz)
(fields-replace cache-info-fields
(int-to-string max-pending-calls))))
(intern (concat "queue" (int-to-string pri)))
(format "%d" sz)))
(setq lyskom-pending-calls
(cons (cons lyskom-ref-no kom-queue)
(++ lyskom-ref-no)
;; Send something from the output queues
(sit-for 0))
(defun lyskom-check-output-queues ()
"Check for pending calls to the server.
Send calls from queues with higher priority first, and make sure that at
most lyskom-max-pending-calls are sent to the server at the same time."
(catch 'done
(let ((i 9))
(while (< lyskom-number-of-pending-calls
(while (lyskom-queue-isempty (aref lyskom-output-queues i))
(-- i)
(if (< i 0) (throw 'done nil)))
(let ((entry (lyskom-queue-delete-first
(aref lyskom-output-queues i)))
(sz (1- (aref queue-sizes i))))
(++ lyskom-number-of-pending-calls)
(aset queue-sizes i sz)
(fields-replace cache-info-fields
(intern (concat "queue" (int-to-string i)))
(format "%d" sz))
(concat (car entry) (cdr entry) "\n")))))))
;; (defadvice lyskom-check-output-queues (before stat activate)
;; (fields-replace cache-info-fields
;; 'pending-calls
;; (int-to-string lyskom-number-of-pending-calls)))
(defvar cache-info-template "\
text: [text]
......@@ -106,7 +148,18 @@
uconf-stat: [uconf-stat]
pers-stat: [pers-stat]
static-session-info: [static-session-info]
pending calls: [pending-calls] (max [max-pending-calls])")
pending calls: [pending-calls]
Queues 0: [queue0]
1: [queue1]
2: [queue2]
3: [queue3]
4: [queue4]
5: [queue5]
6: [queue6]
7: [queue7]
8: [queue8]
9: [queue9]")
(defvar cache-info-buffer nil)
(defvar cache-info-fields nil)
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