Commit fdf13255 authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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Fixed so that very short sessions wont make an entry in the who-buffer.

parent ae49a855
Thu Mar 12 04:23:51 1992 Linus Tolke Y (linus@ruben)
* async.el, cache.el (logga ut, logga in): Nu klarar who-bufferten
ocks} snabba in och utloggningar. (Postmaster). Det var lite
problem annars om man hinner logga ut innan klienten hinner sl}
upp namnet p} personen den skall stoppa in i who-bufferten.
Sat Mar 7 20:36:07 1992 Lars Willf|r (willfor@robert)
* lyskom-rest.el: Skrev om scroll-rutinerna och point-flyttningen
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ this function shall be with current-buffer the BUFFER."
(if (not (zerop lyskom-pers-no))
(cache-del-who-info session-no)))))
(lyskom-run 'who-buffer 'cache-del-who-info session-no)))))
(lyskom-skip-tokens tokens)))))
......@@ -227,13 +227,15 @@ otherwise return nil"
ARG: session-info"
(if (null session-info)
nil ;+++ Annan felhantering
(lyskom-collect 'who-buffer)
(lyskom-halt 'who-buffer)
(lyskom-collect 'who-buffer-2)
'who-buffer nil (session-info->pers-no session-info))
'who-buffer-2 nil (session-info->pers-no session-info))
'who-buffer nil (session-info->working-conf session-info))
(lyskom-use 'who-buffer 'lyskom-set-session-info
'who-buffer-2 nil (session-info->working-conf session-info))
(lyskom-use 'who-buffer-2 'lyskom-set-session-info
(lyskom-run 'who-buffer-2 'lyskom-resume 'who-buffer)))
(defun cache-del-who-info (session-no)
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