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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from db import DB
with DB() as d:
print("dump db")
for id in d.get_domain_ids():
print("domain id: ", id)
print("domain name: ", d.get_domain_name(id))
for sid in d.get_subdomain_ids(id):
print("subdomain id: ", sid)
print("domain name: ", d.get_subdomain_name(sid))
print("subdomain secret: ", d.get_key(sid))
print("record: ", d.get_record(sid))
print("\nDomains without keys")
for id in d.get_domain_ids():
domain_name = d.get_domain_name(id)
for sid in d.get_subdomain_ids_without_keys(id):
print("domain name: ", d.get_subdomain_name(sid) + "." + domain_name)
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