Commit ed9a4f00 authored by Hugo Hörnquist's avatar Hugo Hörnquist
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sql work

parent bf054b5f
......@@ -32,10 +32,11 @@ create table subdomain
name varchar(255),
ttl int(11),
class varchar(255),
rr varchar(255),
destination varchar(255),
ttl int(11) DEFAULT 86400 NOT NULL,
class varchar(255) default "IN" NOT NULL,
-- rr varchar(255) default "A" NOT NULL,
rr int(11) NOT NULL,
destination varchar(255), -- only for cname
domainid int(11),
CONSTRAINT pk_subdomain_id PRIMARY KEY (id),
......@@ -69,4 +70,4 @@ CREATE TABLE record_types
-- Insert intial values.
-- Should probably be moved somewhere else
INSERT INTO record_types (name) VALUES ("A"), ("AAAA");
-- INSERT INTO record_types (name) VALUES ("A"), ("AAAA");
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