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Started on NEWS entries for Nettle-3.6.

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2020-01-26 Niels Möller <>
* NEWS: Started on entries for Nettle-3.6.
2020-01-25 Niels Möller <>
* examples/hogweed-benchmark.c (bench_curve_init): Pass correct
NEWS for the Nettle 3.6 release
New features:
* Support for Curve448 and ED448 signatures. Contributed by
Daiki Ueno.
* Support for SHAKE256 (SHA3 variant with arbitrary output
size). Contributed by Daiki Ueno.
* Support for SIV-CMAC (Synthetic Initialization Vector) mode,
contributed by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos.
* Support for CMAC64, contributed by Dmitry Baryshkov.
* Support for the "CryptoPro" variant of the GOST hash
function, as gosthash94cp. Contributed by Dmitry Baryshkov.
Bug fixes:
* Fix bug in cfb8_decrypt. Previously, the IV was not updated
correctly in the case of input data shorter than the block
size. Reported by Stephan Mueller, fixed by Daiki Ueno.
* Fix configure check for __builtin_bswap64, the incorrect
check would result in link errors on platforms missing this
function. Patch contributed by by George Koehler.
* All use of old-fashioned suffix rules in the Makefiles have
been replaced with %-pattern rules. Nettle's use of suffix
rules in earlier versions depended on undocumented GNU make
behavior, which is being deprecated in GNU make 4.3.
Building with other make programs than GNU make is untested
and unsupported. (Building with BSD make or Solaris make
used to work years ago, but has not been tested recently).
* A fair amount of changes to ECC internals, with a few
deleted and a few new fields in the internal struct
ecc_curve. Files and functions have been renamed to more
consistently match the curve name, e.g., ecc-256.c has been
renamed to ecc-secp256r1.c.
NEWS for the Nettle 3.5.1 release
The Nettle-3.5.1 corrects a packaging mistake in Nettle-3.5.
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