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    * gcm-aes.c (gcm_aes_set_iv): Use GCM_SET_IV. · 53f5da92
    Niels Möller authored
    (gcm_aes_set_key): Deleted cast.
    (gcm_aes_encrypt): Likewise.
    (gcm_aes_decrypt): Likewise.
    (gcm_aes_digest): Likewise.
    (gcm_aes_update): One less argument to GCM_UPDATE.
    * gcm.h (GCM_SET_KEY): Added cast to nettle_crypt_func *. Help
    compiler type checking despite this cast.
    (GCM_ENCRYPT): Likewise.
    (GCM_DECRYPT): Likewise.
    (GCM_DIGEST): Likewise.
    (GCM_SET_IV): New macro, for completeness.
    (GCM_UPDATE): Deleted unused argument encrypt.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.156
    Rev: nettle/gcm-aes.c:1.4
    Rev: nettle/gcm.h:1.12
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