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    * gcm.c (gcm_gf_shift): Added a separate result argument. · 56691ae4
    Niels Möller authored
    (gcm_gf_mul): Compile bitwise version only when GCM_TABLE_BITS ==
    0. Simplified interface with just two arguments pointing to
    complete blocks.
    (gcm_gf_shift_4, gcm_gf_shift_8): Renamed table-based functions, from...
    (gcm_gf_shift_chunk): ... old name.
    (gcm_gf_mul): Renamed both table-based versions and made the
    argument types compatible with the bitwise gcm_gf_mul.
    (gcm_gf_mul_chunk): ... the old name.
    (gcm_set_key): Initialize the table using adds and shifts only.
    When GCM_TABLE_BITS > 0, this eliminates the only use of the
    bitwise multiplication.
    (gcm_hash): Simplified, now that we have the same interface for
    gcm_gf_mul, regardless of table size.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.140
    Rev: nettle/gcm.c:1.11
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