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<title>TODO for the nettle-2.2 release</title> <title>TODO for coming nettle-2.2 releases</title>
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<h1> Plans for the Nettle-2.2 release </h1> <h1> Release plans </h1>
<p> This is an attempt at defining a development target for <p> This is an attempt at defining a development target for
Nettle-2.2, inspired by similar pages for recent GMP releases. Nettle-2.5, inspired by similar pages for recent GMP releases.
[Last updated 2011-07-01]</p> [Last updated 2012-04-29]</p>
<h2> Color codes </h2> <h2> Color codes </h2>
<p class='should'> <p class='should'>
This really ought to be done before release This really ought to be done before release
...@@ -28,42 +28,65 @@ ...@@ -28,42 +28,65 @@
<p class='postponed'> <p class='postponed'>
Leave for some later release! Leave for some later release!
</p> </p>
<h2> License change </h2>
<p class='done'> <h1> Plan for the Nettle-2.5 release </h1>
Replace remaining GPLd code: serpent and blowfish. <h2> RSA blinding </h2>
</p> <p class='wish'>
<p class='done'> Add tentative interface, as suggested by Nikos.
Decide which flavor of LGPL to use: LGPLv2+, LGPLv3+, or dual
license LGPLv3+ and GPLv2. Leaning towards the simplest option, LGPLv2+.
</p> </p>
<h2> Documentation </h2> <h2> Documentation </h2>
<p class='done'> <p class='should'>
Update documentation regarding license change and serpent Update documentation with info on Salsa20.
</p> </p>
<p class='done'> <p class='should'>
Update NEWS file. Update NEWS file.
</p> </p>
<h2> Bug fixes </h2> <h2> Bug fixes </h2>
<p class='done'> <p class='done'>
Fix the libdir defaults for linux x86_64 (I think the following Various w64 fixes, mostly by Martin Storsjö.
should work in most cases for for both debian and fhs conventions:
When building for $ABI (32 or 64), check if /usr/lib$ABI exists.
If so, install there, otherwise in $prefix/lib. Possibly bail out
with an error if neither /usr/lib32 nor /usr/lib64 exists).
</p> </p>
<h2> Miscellaneous </h2> <h2> Testing </h2>
<p class='postponed'> <p> Since xenofarm isn't up and running, do some manual testing:
Convert all files to utf-8.
</p> </p>
<p class='postponed'> <ul>
<li class='should'> x86_64-gnu-linux</li>
<li class='should'> x86_64-freebsd</li>
<li class='should'> x86-gnu-linux</li>
<li class='should'> x86-freebsd</li>
<li class='should'> x86-w*ndows (using cross compiler and wine)</li>
<li class='wish'> x86_64-w*ndows (seems a bit harder to get
mingw64 and wine64 working)</li>
<li class='should'> sparc32-solaris10</li>
<li class='should'> sparc64-solaris10</li>
<h1> Plans for nettle-3.0 </h1>
<h2> Interface changes </h2>
<p class='should'>
Change the type of all lengths from <tt>unsigned</tt> Change the type of all lengths from <tt>unsigned</tt>
to <tt>size_t</tt>. An ABI change on most 64-bit platforms. to <tt>size_t</tt>. An ABI change on most 64-bit platforms.
</p> </p>
<p class='postponed'> <p class='should'>
Migrate repository from <tt>cvs</tt> to <tt>git</tt> (or For Merkle-Damgaard hash functions, separate the state and the
possibly <tt>hg</tt>). buffering. E.g., when using then for HMAC keyed "inner" and
"outer" states.
<p class='should'>
Use the nettle_cipher abstraction only for block ciphers (in
particular, exclude arcfour). Use a const for the ctx argument to
<p class='should'>
Consider making a public interface similar to nettle_aead? With
the above change, it can't use nettle_crypt_func.
<p class='should'>
Reorganize private key operations. Need to support RSA with and
without blinding, and DSA occording to spec and some deterministic
variant (putty), and possibly also smartcard versions where the
private key is not available to the library. And without an
explosion of the number of functions.
</p> </p>
</body> </body>
</html> </html>
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