Commit b15b54e5 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(asm_path): Renamed "path" to "asm_path". Also look

for a machine.m4.

Rev: src/nettle/
parent a61985d6
...@@ -54,27 +54,27 @@ if test "x$am_cv_prog_cc_stdc" = xno ; then ...@@ -54,27 +54,27 @@ if test "x$am_cv_prog_cc_stdc" = xno ; then
fi fi
# Select assembler code # Select assembler code
path= asm_path=
case "$host" in case "$host" in
[i?86*-*-* | k[5-8]*-*-* | pentium*-*-* | athlon-*-*]) [i?86*-*-* | k[5-8]*-*-* | pentium*-*-* | athlon-*-*])
path=x86 asm_path=x86
;; ;;
*sparc*-*-*) *sparc*-*-*)
path=sparc asm_path=sparc
;; ;;
esac esac
# echo "enable_assembler: $enable_assembler, path: $path" # echo "enable_assembler: $enable_assembler, asm_path: $asm_path"
if test "$enable_assembler" = yes ; then if test "$enable_assembler" = yes ; then
if test -n "$path"; then if test -n "$asm_path"; then
found=no found=no
for tmp_f in aes aes_tables; do for tmp_f in aes.asm machine.m4; do
# echo "Looking for $path/$tmp_f.asm" # echo "Looking for $asm_path/$tmp_f"
if test -f "$path/$tmp_f.asm"; then if test -f "$asm_path/$tmp_f"; then
# echo found # echo found
found=yes found=yes
AC_CONFIG_LINKS($tmp_f.asm:$path/$tmp_f.asm) AC_CONFIG_LINKS($tmp_f:$asm_path/$tmp_f)
fi fi
done done
if test "$found" = no; then if test "$found" = no; then
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