Commit c30ac57a authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

(test_dsa_key): Updated for new name DSA_SHA1_MIN_P_BITS.

Rev: nettle/testsuite/testutils.c:1.9
parent 907889cd
......@@ -938,7 +938,7 @@ test_dsa_key(struct dsa_public_key *pub,
ASSERT(mpz_sizeinbase(pub->q, 2) == q_size);
ASSERT(mpz_sizeinbase(pub->p, 2) >= DSA_MIN_P_BITS);
ASSERT(mpz_sizeinbase(pub->p, 2) >= DSA_SHA1_MIN_P_BITS);
ASSERT(mpz_probab_prime_p(pub->p, 10));
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