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    Reorganize eddsa, based on patch by Daiki Ueno. · 1a85646b
    Niels Möller authored
    * eddsa-internal.h (struct ecc_eddsa): New struct for eddsa
    * ed25519-sha512.c (_nettle_ed25519_sha512): New parameter struct.
    * eddsa-expand.c (_eddsa_expand_key): Replace input
    struct nettle_hash with struct ecc_eddsa, and generalize for
    ed448. Update all callers.
    * eddsa-sign.c (_eddsa_sign): Likewise.
    * eddsa-verify.c (_eddsa_verify): Likewise.
    * eddsa-compress.c (_eddsa_compress): Store sign bit in most
    significant bit of last byte, as specified by RFC 8032.
    * eddsa-decompress.c (_eddsa_decompress): Corresponding update.
    Also generalize to support ed448, and make validity checks
    * testsuite/eddsa-sign-test.c (test_ed25519_sign): New function.
    (test_main): Use it.
    * testsuite/eddsa-verify-test.c (test_ed25519): New function.
    (test_main): Use it.
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