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    * tools/sexp-conv.c (struct sexp_parser): Renamed struct (was · b4476c72
    Niels Möller authored
    struct sexp_parse_state). Added input pointer. Updated users to
    not pass around both parser and input.
    (sexp_check_token): handle token == 0.
    (sexp_parse): Simplified a little by calling sexp_check_token
    * tools/sexp-conv.c (sexp_convert_string): Deleted function.
    (sexp_skip_token): Likewise.
    * tools/sexp-conv.c (enum sexp_token): New constant SEXP_DISPLAY.
    Start constants from 1, to keep 0 free for special uses.
    (struct sexp_parse_state): New struct for keeping track of parser
    (sexp_parse_init): New function.
    (sexp_check_token): New function, replacing sexp_skip_token.
    (sexp_parse): New function.
    (sexp_convert_item): Simplified by using sexp_parse.
    (sexp_convert_list): Use sexp_parse.
    (main): Likewise.
    Rev: src/nettle/tools/sexp-conv.c:1.10
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