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Document additional GCM and UMAC constants.

parent 03e73ee7
2014-04-26 Niels Möller <>
* nettle.texinfo (GCM): Document GCM_DIGEST_SIZE.
(UMAC): Document new UMAC constants.
......@@ -2044,6 +2044,10 @@ Holds state corresponding to a particular message.
@acronym{GCM}'s block size, 16.
@end defvr
@defvr Constant GCM_DIGEST_SIZE
Size of the @acronym{GCM} digest, also 16.
@end defvr
@defvr Constant GCM_IV_SIZE
Recommended size of the @acronym{IV}, 12. Other sizes are allowed.
@end defvr
......@@ -2078,7 +2082,7 @@ a multiple of the block size.
@deftypefun void gcm_digest (struct gcm_ctx *@var{ctx}, const struct gcm_key *@var{key}, void *@var{cipher}, nettle_crypt_func *@var{f}, size_t @var{length}, uint8_t *@var{digest})
Extracts the message digest (also known ``authentication tag''). This is
the final operation when processing a message. @var{length} is usually
equal to @code{GCM_BLOCK_SIZE}, but if you provide a smaller value,
equal to @code{GCM_DIGEST_SIZE}, but if you provide a smaller value,
only the first @var{length} octets of the digest are written.
@end deftypefun
......@@ -2731,6 +2735,11 @@ Each @acronym{UMAC} variant uses its own context struct.
@defvr Constant UMAC_KEY_SIZE
The UMAC key size, 16.
@end defvr
@defvr Constant UMAC_MIN_NONCE_SIZE
@defvrx Constant UMAC_MAX_NONCE_SIZE
The the minimum and maximum sizes for an UMAC nonce, 1 and 16,
@end defvr
@defvr Constant UMAC32_DIGEST_SIZE
The size of an UMAC32 digest, 4.
@end defvr
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