Commit 399a3d99 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Simplify .asm-related make rules.

parent f3afe9fa
2014-09-03 Niels Möller <>
* Revert 2013-02-06 Makefile changes: use a single
rule for transforming .asm to .o, and drop include of asm.d.
Possible now since we generate a single object file from each asm
file. This change also helps Solaris' make recognize .asm files.
* (.SUFFIXES): Drop .s from list.
* Delete code to generate asm.d.
* Delete all uses of *.po files, use the same object
files for both shared and static libraries.
* (dummy-dep-files): Don't create any .po.d files.
......@@ -360,13 +360,10 @@ ecc-384.$(OBJEXT): ecc-384.h
ecc-521.$(OBJEXT): ecc-521.h
ecc-25519.$(OBJEXT): ecc-25519.h
.asm.s: $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4
$(M4) $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4 $< >$@T \
&& test -s $@T && mv -f $@T $@
$(COMPILE) -c $<
@echo > $@.d
.asm.$(OBJEXT): $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4
$(M4) $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4 $< >$*.s
$(COMPILE) -c $*.s
@echo "$@ : $< $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4" >$@.d
# Texinfo rules
......@@ -628,5 +625,5 @@ maintainer-clean-here:
etags -o $(srcdir)/TAGS $(srcdir)/*.c $(srcdir)/*.h
DEP_FILES = $(SOURCES:.c=.$(OBJEXT).d) asm.d
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ default: all
# compile was broken when .SUFFIXES was moved here from
.SUFFIXES: .asm .s .c .$(OBJEXT) .p$(OBJEXT) .html .dvi .info .exe .pdf .ps .texinfo
.SUFFIXES: .asm .c .$(OBJEXT) .p$(OBJEXT) .html .dvi .info .exe .pdf .ps .texinfo
# Disable builtin rule
%$(EXEEXT) : %.c
......@@ -373,22 +373,6 @@ AH_VERBATIM([HAVE_NATIVE],
#undef HAVE_NATIVE_ecc_521_redc
#undef HAVE_NATIVE_gcm_hash8])
# Besides getting correct dependencies, the explicit rules also tell
# make that the .s files "ought to exist", so they are preferred over
# .c files.
[ for f in $asm_file_list
case $f in
echo "`basename $f .asm`.s : $f "'$(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4'
done > asm.d
[ asm_file_list="$asm_file_list" ]
if test "x$enable_pic" = xyes; then
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