Commit 3a815459 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(Cipher functions): Deleted duplicated entries for arctwo.

Rev: nettle/nettle.texinfo:1.20
parent 91f940b1
......@@ -1328,11 +1328,6 @@ struct, which is of size @code{context_size}.
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_twofish192
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_twofish256
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_arctwo40;
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_arctwo64;
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_arctwo128;
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_cipher} nettle_arctwo_gutmann128;
Nettle includes such structs for all the @emph{regular} ciphers, i.e.
ones without weak keys or other oddities.
@end deftypevr
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