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ChangeLog entries for gosthash94cp.

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2019-09-15 Niels Möller <>
From Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov:
* gost28147.c (_gost28147_encrypt_block): New file, encrypt
function and sbox tables moved here.
* gosthash94.c: Update functions to take sbox array as argument.
(gost_block_compress): Use _gost28147_encrypt_block.
(gosthash94cp_update,gosthash94cp_digest): New functions.
* gost28147-internal.h: New file.
* gost28147.h: New file.
* gosthash94-meta.c (nettle_gosthash94cp): New hash algorithm.
* nettle-meta-hashes.c (_nettle_hashes): Add nettle_gosthash94 and
* hmac-gosthash94.c (hmac_gosthash94_set_key)
(hmac_gosthash94_update, hmac_gosthash94_digest)
(hmac_gosthash94cp_set_key, hmac_gosthash94cp_update)
(hmac_gosthash94cp_digest): New file and functions.
* pbkdf2-hmac-gosthash94.c (pbkdf2_hmac_gosthash94cp): New file
and function.
* testsuite/pbkdf2-test.c (test_main): Add
pbkdf2-hmac-gosthash94cp tests.
* testsuite/hmac-test.c (test_main): Add hmac-gosthash94 tests.
* testsuite/gosthash94-test.c (test_main): Add gosthash94cp tests.
* nettle.texinfo (Legacy hash functions): Document gosthash94cp.
* testsuite/dlopen-test.c (main): Use libnettle.dylib on MacOS.
2019-07-08 Niels Möller <>
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