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In the manual, change some subsections to subsubsections.

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2014-05-05 Niels Möller <>
* nettle.texinfo (POLY1305): Document poly1305-aes.
(Authenticated encryption): Make Authenticated encryption a
separate section.
(Authenticated encryption): Move AEAD algorithms to their own
(RSA, DSA, ECDSA): Change some subsections to subsubsections.
2014-05-04 Niels Möller <>
......@@ -3453,7 +3453,7 @@ from the message in the same way as above. Then @code{s^e mod n} is
computed, the operation returns true if and only if the result equals
@subsection Nettle's @acronym{RSA} support
@subsubsection Nettle's @acronym{RSA} support
Nettle represents @acronym{RSA} keys using two structures that contain
large numbers (of type @code{mpz_t}).
......@@ -3721,7 +3721,7 @@ randomness source is a serious disadvantage. If you ever use the same
@code{k} (and @code{r}) for two different message, you leak your private
@subsection Nettle's @acronym{DSA} support
@subsubsection Nettle's @acronym{DSA} support
Like for @acronym{RSA}, Nettle represents @acronym{DSA} keys using two
structures, containing values of type @code{mpz_t}. For information on
......@@ -3821,7 +3821,7 @@ random octets and store them at @code{dst}. For advice, see
@end deftypefun
@subsection Old, deprecated, @acronym{DSA} interface
@subsubsection Old, deprecated, @acronym{DSA} interface
Versions before nettle-3.0 used a different interface for @acronym{DSA}
signatures, where the group parameters and the public key was packed
......@@ -3966,7 +3966,7 @@ accesses depend only on the size of the input data and its location in
memory, not on the actual data bits. This implies a performance penalty
in several of the building blocks.
@subsection ECDSA
@subsubsection ECDSA
ECDSA is a variant of the DSA digital signature scheme (@pxref{DSA}),
which works over an elliptic curve group rather than over a (subgroup
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