Commit 6de2999b authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

ARM sha3: Use 128-bit xor.

parent 3f25ddf2
......@@ -134,62 +134,40 @@ PROLOGUE(nettle_sha3_permute)
veor QREG(C3), QREG(C3), QREG(A18)
veor QREG(C3), QREG(C3), QREG(A23)
C FIXME: Can we make use of 128-bit xors?
C One more register would help. Or the VSLI instruction?
C D0 = C4 ^ (C1 <<< 1)
C NOTE: Using ROL macro (and vsli) is slightly slower.
vshl.i64 T0, C1, #1
vshr.u64 T1, C1, #63
veor T0, T0, C4
veor T0, T0, T1
vmov T1, T0
veor A0, A0, T0
veor A5, A5, T0
veor A10, A10, T0
veor A15, A15, T0
veor A20, A20, T0
veor QREG(A5), QREG(A5), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A15), QREG(A15), QREG(T0)
C D1 = C0 ^ (C2 <<< 1)
vshl.i64 T0, C2, #1
vshr.u64 T1, C2, #63
veor T0, T0, C0
veor T0, T0, T1
veor A1, A1, T0
veor A6, A6, T0
veor A11, A11, T0
veor A16, A16, T0
veor A21, A21, T0
C D2 = C1 ^ (C3 <<< 1)
vshl.i64 T0, C3, #1
vshr.u64 T1, C3, #63
veor T0, T0, C1
veor T0, T0, T1
veor A2, A2, T0
veor A7, A7, T0
veor A12, A12, T0
veor A17, A17, T0
veor A22, A22, T0
ROL(T0, C2, 1)
ROL(T1, C3, 1)
veor T0, T0, C0
veor T1, T1, C1
veor QREG(A1), QREG(A1), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A6), QREG(A6), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A11), QREG(A11), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A16), QREG(A16), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A21), QREG(A21), QREG(T0)
C D3 = C2 ^ (C4 <<< 1)
vshl.i64 T0, C4, #1
vshr.u64 T1, C4, #63
veor T0, T0, C2
veor T0, T0, T1
veor A3, A3, T0
veor A8, A8, T0
veor A13, A13, T0
veor A18, A18, T0
veor A23, A23, T0
C D4 = C3 ^ (C0 <<< 1)
vshl.i64 T0, C0, #1
vshr.u64 T1, C0, #63
veor T0, T0, C3
veor T0, T0, T1
veor A4, A4, T0
veor A9, A9, T0
veor A14, A14, T0
veor A19, A19, T0
veor A24, A24, T0
ROL(T0, C4, 1)
ROL(T1, C0, 1)
veor T0, T0, C2
veor T1, T1, C3
veor QREG(A3), QREG(A3), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A8), QREG(A8), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A13), QREG(A13), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A18), QREG(A18), QREG(T0)
veor QREG(A23), QREG(A23), QREG(T0)
ROL( T0, A1, 1)
ROL( A1, A6, 44)
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