Commit a53be041 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Protected %-rules used for building pure objects,

and for assembler files, by automake conditionals. Needed for
makes such as tru64's, which tries to understand %-patterns, but
doesn't get it right.
(SUFFIXES): Added .html.
(.texinfo.html): Rewrote rule to use a traditional suffix target.

Rev: src/nettle/
parent 0780589e
......@@ -85,12 +85,15 @@ clean-local:
rm -rf .lib
# Using assembler files. Should get precedence before the .c.o rule.
SUFFIXES = .asm .html
# can be overridden during development, eg. "make RM_TMP=: aes.o"
RM_TMP = rm -f
# FIXME: How to write this without using GNU make features?
# For now, use automake to disable these rules when they are not needed.
# NOTE: We have to use an explicit rule .asm -> .o, to override the .c
# -> .o rule. Using rules involving .s doesn't seem to work.
......@@ -112,17 +115,15 @@ RM_TMP = rm -f
$(COMPILE) -c $*.s -o $@
echo >.deps/$*.Po
# Shared library rules
all-local: $(SHLIBTARGET)
install-data-local: $(SHLIBINSTALL)
# Assembler files must contain only PIC-clean code.
%_p.$(OBJEXT): %.asm asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4
$(M4) $(srcdir)/asm.m4 machine.m4 config.m4 \
`test -f $< || echo '$(srcdir)/'`$< >$*.s
$(COMPILE) -c $*.s -o $@
echo >.deps/$*.Po
# FIXME: This rule doesn't get dependencies right.
%_p.$(OBJEXT): %.c
$(COMPILE) $(SHLIBCFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
......@@ -136,13 +137,19 @@ $(SHLIBFORLINK): $(SHLIBOBJECTS)
-mkdir .lib 2>/dev/null
(cd .lib && ln -sf ../$(SHLIBFORLINK) $(SHLIBSONAME))
# Shared library rules
all-local: $(SHLIBTARGET)
install-data-local: $(SHLIBINSTALL)
install-shared: $(SHLIBFORLINK)
(cd $(DESTDIR)$(libdir) \
%.html : %.texinfo
(cd $(srcdir) \
&& $(MAKEINFO) --html --no-split --output $@T $(<F) \
; test -s $@T && mv -f $@T $@)
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