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Started on NEWS entries for Nettle-3.5.

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NEWS for the Nettle 3.5 release
Changes in behavior:
* Nettle's gcm_crypt will now call the underlying block cipher
to process more than one block at a time. This is not a
change to the documented behavior, but unfortunately breaks
assumptions accidentally made in gnutls, up to and including
version 3.6.1.
Bug fixes:
* Fix bug in pkcs1-conv, missing break statements in the
parsing of PEM input files.
New features:
* Support for CFB8 (Cipher Feedback Mode, processing a single
octet per block cipher operation), contributed by Dmitry
* Improved performance of the x86_64 AES implementation using
the aesni instructions. Gives a large speedup for operations
processing multiple blocks at a time (including CTR mode,
GCM mode, and CBC decrypt, but *not* CBC encrypt).
* Improved performance for CTR mode, for the common case of
16-byte block size. Pass more data at a time to underlying
block cipher, and fill the counter blocks more efficiently.
Extension to also handle GCM mode efficiently contributed
by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos.
* New x86_64 implementation of sha1, for processors supporting
the sha_ni instructions.
* The programs aesdata, desdata, twofishdata, shadata and
gcmdata are no longer build by default. Makefile
improvements contributed by Jay Foad.
NEWS for the Nettle 3.4 release
This release fixes bugs and adds a few new features. It also
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