Commit df7b4aca authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Output points also for the Ed25519 curve.

parent 9802640c
......@@ -118,4 +118,14 @@ if (S != ellpow(curve25519, B, a), error("curve25519 dh error"));
out(a, A, b, B, S);
/* Convert point on curve25519 to a point on the twisted edwards curve */
beta = -sqrt(Mod(-486664, p25519));
ed25519(p) = [p[1] * beta / p[2], (p[1] - 1) / (p[1] + 1)];
Ae = ed25519(A);
Be = ed25519(B);
Se = ed25519(S);
out(a, Ae, b, Be, Se);
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