1. 07 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos's avatar
      abi: explicitly export intended symbols and hide others · da81c86a
      Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos authored
      This adds all exported symbols in the map files explicitly under
      the following rules:
       - Symbols mentioned in internal headers go in a section which is
         valid only for testing, and linking with these symbols will break
         in library updates.
       - Symbols mentioned in installed headers go in the exported sections
         and are considered part of the ABI.
       - All internal symbols move to internal headers.
       - The _nettle_md5_compress and _nettle_sha1_compress become exported
         without the _nettle prefix, due to existing usage.
  2. 15 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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  11. 24 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Interface change, let all rsa signature functions have a return value. · c72c16b7
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.54
      Rev: nettle/NEWS:1.4
      Rev: nettle/examples/rsa-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pgp-encode.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-md5.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha256.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha512.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1.h:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-compat.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-md5-sign.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-md5-verify.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha1-sign.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha1-verify.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha256-sign.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha256-verify.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha512-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha512-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa.h:1.4
      Rev: nettle/testsuite/cxx-test.cxx:1.3
      Rev: nettle/testsuite/pkcs1-test.c:1.3
      Rev: nettle/testsuite/testutils.c:1.5
  12. 14 May, 2007 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      Don't use WITH_PUBLIC_KEY / WITH_HOGWEED, then Makefile sorts out · 9ce9c53e
      Niels Möller authored
      which files should be compiled.
      Rev: nettle/der2rsa.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/dsa-keygen.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/dsa-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/dsa-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/dsa.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-md5.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha256.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/pkcs1.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-compat.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-decrypt.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-encrypt.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-keygen.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-md5-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-md5-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha1-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha1-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha256-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sha256-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa2openpgp.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/rsa2sexp.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/sexp2dsa.c:1.2
      Rev: nettle/sexp2rsa.c:1.2
  13. 12 May, 2003 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * Reordered includes in most or all .c-files. All should now include · c5c15385
      Niels Möller authored
      Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.195
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-decrypt-table.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-decrypt.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-encrypt-table.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-encrypt.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-meta.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-set-decrypt-key.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-set-encrypt-key.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/aes.c:1.12
      Rev: src/nettle/aesdata.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/arcfour-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/arcfour.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/base16-decode.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/base16-encode.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/base16-meta.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/base64-decode.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/base64-encode.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/base64-meta.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/bignum-random.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/bignum.c:1.7
      Rev: src/nettle/blowfish.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/buffer-init.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/buffer.c:1.8
      Rev: src/nettle/cast128-meta.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/cast128.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/cbc.c:1.6
      Rev: src/nettle/des-compat.c:1.10
      Rev: src/nettle/des.c:1.7
      Rev: src/nettle/des3.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/dsa-keygen.c:1.6
      Rev: src/nettle/dsa-sign.c:1.7
      Rev: src/nettle/dsa-verify.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/dsa.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/io.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/nettle-benchmark.c:1.8
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/nettle-openssl.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/rsa-keygen.c:1.10
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/rsa-sign.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/examples/rsa-verify.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/hmac-md5.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/hmac-sha1.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/hmac-sha256.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/hmac.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/knuth-lfib.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/md5-compat.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/md5-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/md5.c:1.6
      Rev: src/nettle/memxor.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/nettle-internal.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/pgp-encode.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1-rsa-md5.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/realloc.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-compat.c:1.8
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-decrypt.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-encrypt.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-keygen.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-sign.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sign.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-verify.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa.c:1.12
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa2openpgp.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa2sexp.c:1.7
      Rev: src/nettle/serpent-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/serpent.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp-format.c:1.9
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp-transport-format.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp-transport.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp.c:1.14
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp2bignum.c:1.5
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp2dsa.c:1.4
      Rev: src/nettle/sexp2rsa.c:1.11
      Rev: src/nettle/sha1-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/sha1.c:1.8
      Rev: src/nettle/sha256-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/sha256.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/tools/input.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/tools/misc.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/tools/output.c:1.3
      Rev: src/nettle/tools/parse.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/tools/sexp-conv.c:1.14
      Rev: src/nettle/twofish-meta.c:1.2
      Rev: src/nettle/twofish.c:1.6
      Rev: src/nettle/yarrow256.c:1.17
      Rev: src/nettle/yarrow_key_event.c:1.4
  14. 23 Jan, 2003 2 commits
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * rsa_md5.c, rsa_sha1.c: Deleted files, contents spread over · 5e6440f0
      Niels Möller authored
      several files for signing and verification.
      * rsa-sign.c, rsa-sha1-verify.c, rsa-sha1-sign.c,
      rsa-md5-verify.c, rsa-md5-sign.c:  New files.
      * rsa-sha1-verify.c (rsa_sha1_verify_digest): New function.
      * rsa-sha1-sign.c (rsa_sha1_sign_digest):  New function.
      * rsa-md5-verify.c (rsa_md5_verify_digest):  New function.
      * rsa-md5-sign.c (rsa_md5_sign_digest):  New function.
      * rsa-verify.c (_rsa_verify): New file, new function.
      * rsa.c (_rsa_check_size): Renamed from rsa_check_size, and made
      non-static. Private key functions moved to rsa-sign.c.
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-sign.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-verify.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-sign.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-verify.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sign.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa-verify.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa.c:1.10
      Rev: src/nettle/rsa.h:1.18
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      New files. · 97453327
      Niels Möller authored
      (pkcs1_signature_prefix): New function.
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1-rsa-md5.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/pkcs1.h:1.1
  15. 21 Nov, 2002 1 commit
  16. 15 May, 2002 2 commits
  17. 15 Feb, 2002 1 commit
  18. 13 Feb, 2002 1 commit
    • Niels Möller's avatar
      * aes-tables.c: Deleted, tables moved elsewhere... · a99127ee
      Niels Möller authored
      * aes-encrypt.c, aes-decrypt.c: New files; moved encryption and
      decryption funktions, and needed tables, into separate files.
      Rev: src/nettle/Makefile.am:1.30
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-decrypt.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-encrypt.c:1.1
      Rev: src/nettle/aes-tables.c:1.6(DEAD)