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    Fixed bugs in paragraph filling. · 2a14f364
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 2006-06-27  David Byers  <davby@ida.liu.se>
    > 	* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-fill-next-paragraph): Fixed off-by-one
    > 	error causing the last character on the last line to (sometimes)
    > 	be put on a line of its own in XEmacs.
    > 	(lyskom-maybe-fill-region): Fixed off-by-one error causing lines
    > 	just under fill-column long to be wrapped.
    > 2006-05-14  David Byers  <davby@ida.liu.se>
    > 	* utilities.el (lyskom-text-comments): Added parameter
    > 	skip-footnotes.
    > 2006-04-26  David Byers  <davby@ida.liu.se>
    > 	* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-fill-next-paragraph): Eliminated the
    > 	inner catch, as this seemed to cost more time than adding a
    > 	clause to each conditional in the loop.
    > 	(lyskom-fill-message-line-length): Make this a subst.
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