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    Make it configurable if the client should search for unread · 64582b17
    Per Cederqvist authored
    parents or relatives of a text before displaying it.  Also, add a
    new strategy ('oldest-ancestor) that only searches among parents.
    	* vars.el.in (kom-read-related-first): New configuration
    	variable.  Set this to nil to get the old-style behaviour,
    	'oldest-related to get the behaviour before this commit, or
    	'oldest-ancestor to get the new default behaviour.
    	* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-find-lowest-text): Moved internal
    	documentation from the doc-string to an internal comment.
    	(lyskom-find-unread-ancestor): New defun.  This code is based on
    	lyskom-find-lowest-text, but works in a more sensible way.
    	(lyskom-select-text-to-read): New defun, extracted from
    	kom-view-next-text.  Handle the new oldest-ancestor strategy.
    	(kom-view-next-text): Use lyskom-select-text-to-read to simplify
    	the code.
    	* swedish-strings.el, english-strings.el (lyskom-custom-strings):
    	Added ancestor, relative, kom-read-related-first-doc and
    	* option-edit.el (lyskom-customize-buffer-format): Added
    	(lyskom-custom-variables): Ditto.
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