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    Made kom-handle-membership (maybe) work again. · ba42276d
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 	Make kom-handle-membership work again:
    > 	* reading.el (lyskom-replace-membership): Turned this into a macro
    > 	so the membership can be altered while replacing it.
    > 	* mship-edit.el (lyskom-change-membership-priority): Use
    > 	lyskom-replace-membership properly.
    > 	(lyskom-change-membership-position): Ditto.
    > 	(lp--set-entry-pri-and-pos): Ditto. Also inhibit buffer updates to
    > 	avoid infinite recursion due to calling lp--update-buffer from
    > 	within lyskom-replace-membership.
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