Commit 091cb4a4 authored by Christer Ekholm's avatar Christer Ekholm
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Removed unused variable 'output'

Removed it because it triggers a warning
"global/dynamic var `output' lacks a prefix" in emacs-24

The variable became unused in commit 48f3c345

> commit 48f3c345
> Author: David Kågedal <>
> Date:   Sun Apr 28 22:38:13 1996 +0000
>     Fixade buggen som gjorde att den hängde på inlägg med långa rader.
parent 00b05377
2014-06-21 Christer Ekholm <>
* vars.el: Removed unused variable 'output'.
* commands2.el (kom-apropos): Use save-selected-window instead of
save-window-excursion, to make the buffer *LysKOM-Apropos*
......@@ -3954,9 +3954,6 @@ This is not buffer-local.")
(def-kom-var output nil
"Uaark. Just to omit a warning...")
(def-kom-var lyskom-errno nil
"Errno of last lyskom error."
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