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News for lyskom.el 0.49
Version 0.49 contains a number of major changes and enhancements.
It is available from the following addresses:
The file is named lyskom-0.49.tar.gz, and a copy of this texts is
available under the name NEWS-0.49 in the tar archive. There is
also a zip file available at the same location for people using
systems that do not understand tar files.
If you find a bug in the LysKOM elisp client, please report it in
our bugzilla at <URL:> (product
name lyskom-elisp-client). If you are unable to use bugzilla,
please use M-x kom-bug-report. Note that reports filed using this
method may inadvertently get lost. Reports submitted to bugzilla
never get lost, no matter how much we would like that to happen to
some of them.
Everybody using Emacs 22 or later should upgrade to version 0.49.
* Compatibility
** Emacs 22.x introduced a non-backwards-compatible change and some
bugs that severely impact performance of the elisp client. This
version is compatible with the changes in Emacs 22.x.
** Emacs 23.x introduced non-backwards-compatible changes in menu
handling and text decoding. This version is compatible with the
changes in Emacs 23.x.
** Support for Emacs 21.x and earlier has been dropped. The client
might still work with older Emacsen, but this has not been tested
at all.
** XEmacs is probably supported, but this has not been tested
properly. Gnus must be installed for the client to work in XEmacs.
* New commands
** kom-review-more-comments: Extends the kom-review-comments to review
an additional level of comments.
Swedish name: terse fler kommentarer [ a y]
English name: Review more comments [r a M]
** kom-befriend
** kom-moronify
** kom-review-all-roots
** kom-unread-all-roots
** kom-review-first-roots
** kom-unread-first-roots
** kom-review-roots-by-to
** kom-unread-roots-by-to
** kom-delete-user-area
** kom-move-comment
** kom-view-url-in-text
** New settings
** kom-ssh-general-errors
** kom-ssh-forwarding-errors
** kom-respect-ancient-content-types
** kom-read-related-first
* Changed commands
** kom-send-letter: Now always adds the sender's letterbox as a
recipient, regardless of whether the sender is a member of the
recipient or not.
** kom-copy-options attempts to avoid non-portable settings.
* Other changes worth noting
** The help function now offers help on individual commands.
** It is possible to completely customize highlighting of conference
and person names via the kom-highlight-conferences variable. The
default value of this variable highlights conference names as they
were in previous versions of the client.
** Obsolete hook names have been removed.
** All non-text standard MIME types are handled without showing the
contents of the texts.
** When writing, UTF-8 is used if possible, when ISO-8859-1 can't be
used. When reading, US-ASCII texts are treated as ISO-8859-1, and
Emacs build-in autodetection is used on texts that don't specify a
** Use left mouse button to follow links in Emacs 22.1.
** Option to read commented text in other conferences before the text
that comment them in the current conference.
** Lost connections are shown in all buffers.
** The client is now capable of reconnecting when the connection has
been lost.
** Heuristics for automatic line breaking have been completely
rewritten. The new version should be faster, better and easier to
ID Summary
212 WORK Man fr lsa om inlgg som adderas till mten.
236 WONT SPC scrollar ibland inte
242 Brutna e-mail-headers hanteras fel
281 Hantering av importerade bilagor
297 Lgg till Opera i URL-ppnarlistan
407 Flyttade texter br inte visas
438 lista nyheter - global fr alla sessioner
440 WONT \200-\237 i vilkalista
443 WONT Buglistehanteringen stdar fr mycket ibland
673 Slutfr prefixbyte p hookvariablerna
699 WONT lyskom-get-ancestors-of-text r rekursiv
751 Dlig ombrytning av punktade listor
766 Missvisande beskrivning om automatisk radbrytning
818 Automatisk komplettering vid uppkoppling
819 Varken x Addera mottagare eller C-c C-a C-m visar hela mottagarnamnet
1086 kom-add-recipient et al should move parent of footnoted text
1091 Sessionsavbrott r ltt att missa.
1118 WONT Svrt att bli av med text-properties som read-only
1130 Irriterande buffertbytebeteende
1138 WONT Olika semantik nr man startar klient frn kommandorad eller innifrn emacs
1143 terse senaste urinlggen i ett visst mte.
1262 Flytta text br inte ndra p mottagare som r brevldor
1277 Tips om language-environment
1308 Nytt kommando: Flytta kommentar
1321 Ingen hantering av upptagna lokala portar i ssh-relay
1390 INVA Fel teckenmngd
1391 ?-kombo fr att se vilka snabbkommandon som finns
1422 Addera vn under hgerklicksmenyn p en person
1459 Krasch efter meddelanden vid inloggning
1501 WONT Svenska tecken i menyraden visas fel med terminal-emacsar i UTF-8 lge
1510 y med a k
1511 Host name comparisons should be case insensitive
1512 "Wrong type argument: keymapp, nil" in Xemacs
1519 Bli medlem i mte via kontextmeny misslyckas
1520 "G till mtet" saknas i kontextmenyn fr brevldan.
1524 Spara instllningar fr LysKOM misslyckas.
1533 "Lista nyheter" ger frre antal olsta efter "lista renden".
1535 Defaultmottagare fr Skicka brev
1536 Fel i kom-resurrect?
1542 kom-copy-options copies too much
1559 LATE Add MIME format support (such as HTML, through the w3 module)
1565 INVA Inte helt lttstartat p en standard-Windows med standard-emacs ...
1566 Felaktiga lnkar p lyskom.el-webbsidan hos Lysator
1570 lyskom-map-keymap doesn't know about strings in keymaps
1589 i text/x-kom-basic;charset=us-ascii
1602 Quoted charsets in the content-type aux-item not handled correctly
1608 Tidsstmpel i meddelanden om in-/utlogin
1619 Se diff stter inte point innan den infogar diffen i kom-buffern
1620 Tidsstmpel i skickade meddelanden
1621 Omjligt att f presence-meddelanden om sig sjlv
1631 Use mouse-1 to click on links
1632 INVA Use Emacs unification
1634 Fix multibyte menus
1635 Error in process sentinel at exit
1636 Anpassa klienten till emacs-unicode-2-grenen
1637 Use lyskom-indirect-assq for kom-highlight-conferences
1638 Klicklsmarkering fungerar inte lngre
1639 Emacs 22.1 pos-visible-in-window-p and move-to-window-line are buggy
1641 Symbol's function definition is void: mm-find-mime-charset
1642 WORK auto-organize errs out when trying to kom-auto-organize-sub-recipient
1645 RPM target is broken
1646 fotnoter dupliceras
1651 Gr inte att skicka in inlgg med XEmacs 21.5.x
1652 WORK Klienten gr inte lngre att bygga med XEmacs
1654 Klienten klarar inte att lgga till mottagare sjlv
1658 Stuck in rot-13-review mode
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