Commit 3043ba96 authored by Pontus Freyhult's avatar Pontus Freyhult
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* option-edit.el,, swedish-strings.el,english-strings.el,

commands1.el: Reverted previous bad check in.
parent 3241f760
2006-05-03 Pontus Freyhult <>
* option-edit.el,, swedish-strings.el,english-strings.el,
commands1.el: Reverted previous bad check in.
2006-05-03 Pontus Freyhult <>
* option-edit.el (lyskom-customize-buffer-format): Added
......@@ -1778,11 +1778,6 @@ recipients are handled."
((numberp arg) arg)
((and (eq kom-write-text-recipient-strategy 'current)
(eq prompt 'who-send-text-to)
(not (eq 0 lyskom-current-conf)))
(t (lyskom-read-conf-no prompt '(pers conf) nil nil t))))
(conf-stat (blocking-do 'get-conf-stat tono)))
(cache-del-conf-stat tono)
......@@ -3148,8 +3148,6 @@ Select whether to execute command or keyboard macro.")
(ask-every-time . "Ask every time ")
(fixed-priority . "Fixed priority")
(current-meeting . "Current meeting")
(messages-in-lyskom-buffer . "In the LysKOM buffer")
(discard-messages . "Nowhere - discard them")
(in-named-buffer . "In a named buffer:")
......@@ -3578,9 +3576,6 @@ up menus.")
commented texts the way it is done in e-mail or Usenet News since the
commented text is always available in LysKOM.")
(kom-write-text-recipient-strategy-doc . "\
Determines whatever write text asks for a recipient or uses the
current conference.")
(kom-created-texts-are-read-doc . "\
When this is on, self-created texts are automatically marked as read. Turned
......@@ -4418,8 +4413,6 @@ up menus.")
"Read prioritized texts: ")
(kom-created-texts-are-read-tag .
"Automatically read created texts: ")
(kom-write-text-recipient-strategy-tag .
"Recipient when using write text: ")
(kom-default-mark-tag .
"Default mark: ")
(kom-print-number-of-unread-on-entrance-tag .
......@@ -258,7 +258,6 @@
......@@ -591,8 +590,6 @@ All key bindings:
(kom-async-highlight-text-body (toggle (on off)))
(kom-personal-messages-in-window (open-window))
(kom-write-texts-in-window (open-window))
(kom-write-text-recipient-strategy (choice ((const (ask-every-time ask))
(const (current-meeting current)))))
(kom-list-membership-in-window (open-window))
(kom-edit-filters-in-window (open-window))
(kom-prioritize-in-window (open-window))
......@@ -3297,8 +3297,6 @@ Nuvarande r
(ask-every-time . "Frga varje gng ")
(fixed-priority . "Fast prioritet")
(current-meeting . "Nuvarande mte")
(messages-in-lyskom-buffer . "I LysKOM-bufferten ")
(discard-messages . "Ingenstans ")
(in-named-buffer . "I namngiven buffert:")
......@@ -3718,15 +3716,13 @@ ta fram menyer.")
att citera KOM-inlgg som man gr med sladdpost och News eftersom det
kommenterade inlgget oftast finns tillgngligt.")
(kom-write-text-recipient-strategy-doc . "\
Bestmmer om skriv inlgg ska frga efter en mottagare eller anvnda
nuvarande mte.")
(kom-created-texts-are-read-doc . "\
Om detta r pslaget kommer alla inlgg man sjlv skriver att lsmarkeras
automatiskt. Om instllningen r avslagen s fr man lsa sdant man
sjlv skriver.")
(kom-default-mark-doc . "\
Den markeringstyp som anvnds fr nya markeringar. En markeringstyp r ett
heltal mellan 0 och 255 (inklusive). Om ingen defaultmarkeringstyp r vald
......@@ -4570,8 +4566,6 @@ ta fram menyer.")
"Ls prioriterade texter: ")
(kom-created-texts-are-read-tag .
"Lsmarkera skapade texter: ")
(kom-write-text-recipient-strategy-tag .
"Mottagare vid skriv inlgg: ")
(kom-default-mark-tag .
"Defaultmarkering: ")
(kom-print-number-of-unread-on-entrance-tag .
......@@ -894,21 +894,6 @@ buffer list when one of the commands `kom-next-kom',
Values other than `t' or `nil' are reserved for future use."
(def-kom-var kom-write-text-recipient-strategy 'ask
"**Determines how 'lyskom-write-text' handles recipients.
The value must be one of `ask' or `current'.
When set to `ask', a recipient will be queried for.
When set to `current', the current meeting will be used as recipient.
All other values are reserved.
This variable is not considered when the recipient is known for other
reasons, such as kom-write-text being called with a prefix argument.
Neither is it used for kom-write-letter."
(def-kom-var kom-write-texts-in-window nil
"**Determines where to edit texts.
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