Commit 3e21a917 authored by Joel Rosdahl's avatar Joel Rosdahl
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Don't sort remarks when reviewing without conversion.

parent acb28d79
......@@ -320,12 +320,13 @@ Note that this function must not be called asynchronously."
(other-fast-replies nil))
(lyskom-traverse-aux aux (text-stat->aux-items text-stat)
(when (eq (aux-item->tag aux) 2)
(if (eq (text-stat->author text-stat)
(aux-item->creator aux))
(setq author-fast-replies
(cons aux author-fast-replies))
(setq other-fast-replies
(cons aux other-fast-replies)))))
(if (or (eq lyskom-current-command 'kom-review-noconversion)
(not (eq (text-stat->author text-stat)
(aux-item->creator aux))))
(setq other-fast-replies
(cons aux other-fast-replies))
(setq author-fast-replies
(cons aux author-fast-replies)))))
(when author-fast-replies
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