Commit 8840beee authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Kolla cursor-in-echo-area i lyskom-is-in-minibuffer.

Sätt lyskom-inhibit-minibuffer-messages i j-or-n-p.
parent 88a66366
2000-08-15 David Byers <>
* async.el (lyskom-is-in-minibuffer): Check cursor-in-echo-area.
* lyskom-rest.el (j-or-n-p): Inhibit minibuffer messages.
* commands2.el (kom-set-unread): Immediately go to
lyskom-current-conf if that is the conf being changed.
......@@ -436,6 +436,7 @@ according to the value of FLAG."
(defun lyskom-is-in-minibuffer ()
"Returns non-nil if I am using the minibuffer for some reading."
(or lyskom-inhibit-minibuffer-messages
(not (zerop (minibuffer-depth)))))
......@@ -3055,6 +3055,7 @@ lyskom-get-string to retrieve regexps for answer and string for repeated query."
(when (symbolp prompt) (setq prompt (lyskom-get-string prompt)))
(let ((input-char 0)
(cursor-in-echo-area t)
(lyskom-inhibit-minibuffer-messages t)
(nagging nil))
(while (and (not (char-in-string input-char
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