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lyskom-apply-handler återskapar keyboard-quit

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......@@ -487,13 +487,15 @@ PENDING is an entry of the list as described in documentation for the variable
lyskom-call-data. The car on the list must be a PARSED:
(setq inhibit-quit nil)
(let ((did-quit nil))
(condition-case error
(if (car (cdr (cdr pending)))
(apply (car (cdr (cdr pending))) ;Handler
(car (cdr pending)) ;Result
(car (cdr (cdr (cdr pending)))))) ;Handler-data
(quit (beep)))
(setq inhibit-quit t))
(quit (setq did-quit t)))
(setq inhibit-quit t)
(if did-quit (keyboard-quit))))
(defun lyskom-apply-multi-handler (pending result-list)
"Apply a handler for a lyskom-collect - lyskom-use construct."
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