Commit cfeb3fb0 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fixed bug 1262. Fixed Emacs 22.1 compatibility issue.

parent 523c4b2f
2007-07-11 <David Byers@GULAG>
* commands2.el (lyskom-help-get-keylist): Changed name of variable
list to keylist. In Emacs 22.1, map-keymap-internal (which is
called by map-keymap) uses "list" as an internal variable.
Fix bug 1262:
* edit-text.el (lyskom-edit-move-recipients): Don't alter
recipients that are letterboxes.
Fix bug 281:
* (lyskom-format-special): Cover all IANA mime type
allocations, and include fallback for anything unknown.
......@@ -1238,12 +1238,12 @@ will be prompted for the mark."
(defun lyskom-help-get-keylist (keymap)
(and keymap
(let (list)
(let (keylist)
(lambda (event function)
(setq list (cons (cons event function) list)))
(setq keylist (cons (cons event function) keylist)))
keymap t)
(nreverse list))))
(nreverse keylist))))
;;; ================================================================
......@@ -1188,7 +1188,7 @@ carbonn copy recipients. This command is intended for situations where
a commend is being sent to a different recipient than the commented
text was."
(lyskom-edit-add-recipient/copy 'who-to-move-to-q
(lyskom-edit-add-recipient/copy 'edit-who-to-move-to-q
......@@ -1197,9 +1197,13 @@ text was."
(set-buffer edit-buffer)
(let* ((headers (lyskom-edit-parse-headers))
(subject (lyskom-text-headers->subject headers))
(miscs (mapcar (lambda (x) (if (eq (car x) 'RECPT)
(cons 'CC-RECPT (cdr x)) x))
(cdr (lyskom-edit-translate-headers (lyskom-text-headers->misc-info headers)))))
(miscs (mapcar (lambda (x) (cond ((and (eq (car x) 'RECPT)
(not (conf-type->letterbox
(blocking-do 'get-uconf-stat (cdr x))))))
(cons 'CC-RECPT (cdr x)))
(t x)))
(cdr (lyskom-edit-translate-headers (lyskom-text-headers->misc-info headers)))))
(aux-list (lyskom-text-headers->aux-items headers))
(elem nil))
......@@ -1285,7 +1289,7 @@ RECPT-TYPE is the type of recipient to add."
(setq recpt-type 'CC-RECPT))
(if what-to-do
(funcall what-to-do conf-stat insert-at edit-buffer)
(funcall what-to-do conf-stat insert-at edit-buffer)
(lyskom-edit-do-add-recipient/copy recpt-type
(conf-stat->conf-no conf-stat)
......@@ -578,6 +578,7 @@ Read all about it at")
(who-to-move-from-q . "Move text %#1n from where? ")
(who-to-move-to-q . "Move text %#1n to where? ")
(edit-who-to-move-to-q . "Move text to where? ")
(who-to-move-to-or-sub-q . "Move to where (empty to just remove recipient)? ")
(move-footnotes-too-q . "Try to move footnotes? ")
(move-attachments-too-q . "Try to move attachments? ")
......@@ -607,6 +607,7 @@ i svensk datorhistoria. L
(who-to-move-from-q . "Frn vilket mte vill du flytta text %#1n? ")
(who-to-move-to-q . "Vart vill du flytta text %#1n? ")
(edit-who-to-move-to-q . "Vart vill du flytta texten? ")
(who-to-move-to-or-sub-q . "Vart vill du flytta texten (tomt fr att bara subtrahera)? ")
(move-footnotes-too-q . "Frsk flytta fotnoter ocks? ")
(move-attachments-too-q . "Frsk flytta bilagor ocks? ")
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