Commit e2ecdddc authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Added menus and documentation for membership buffer.

Detailed changes:
> 2004-10-17  David Byers  <>
> 	* mship-edit.el (lp--mode): Added mode documentation.
> 2004-09-27  David Byers  <>
> 	* menus.el (lyskom-prioritize-menu-template): New template.
> 	(lyskom-prioritize-menu): New variable.
> 	(lyskom-build-menus-xemacs): Build prioritize menu.
> 	(lyskom-build-menus-gnu): Build prioritize menu.
> 	(lyskom-menu-list): Add prioritize menu.
parent d6669dff
2004-10-17 David Byers <>
* mship-edit.el (lp--mode): Added mode documentation.
2004-09-27 David Byers <>
* menus.el (lyskom-prioritize-menu-template): New template.
(lyskom-prioritize-menu): New variable.
(lyskom-build-menus-xemacs): Build prioritize menu.
(lyskom-build-menus-gnu): Build prioritize menu.
(lyskom-menu-list): Add prioritize menu.
2004-07-21 David Byers <>
* mship-edit.el (lp--update-buffer): When updating an existing
......@@ -2054,7 +2054,9 @@ Change privileges for %#1P (%#1p)...")
;; From mship-edit.el
(no-selection . "No selection")
(selection . "%d selected")
(selection . "%#1d selected")
(lp-no-hidden . "")
(lp-hidden . "(%#1d hidden)")
(priority-prompt . "New priority for %#1M: ")
(priority-prompt-marked . "New priority for selected conferences: ")
(lp-no-creation-info . "No information on when the membership was created")
......@@ -2511,6 +2513,35 @@ Change privileges for %#1P (%#1p)...")
(kom-edit-add-personal-comments . "Request personal replies")
(kom-edit-add-read-confirm-request . "Request read confirmation")
(kom-edit-move-text . "Move to new recipient")
(lp--toggle-membership-selection . "Toggle membership selection")
(lp--select-region . "Select region")
(lp--select-priority . "Select priority")
(lp--deselect-priority . "Deselect priority")
(lp--deselect-all . "Deselect all")
(lp--membership-expansion . "Membership expansion")
(lp--toggle-entry-expansion . "Toggle expansion")
(lp--expand-entry . "Expand membership")
(lp--contract-entry . "Contract membership")
(lp--membership-priority . "Priority")
(lp--set-priority . "Change priority")
(lp--move-up . "Move up")
(lp--move-down . "Move down")
(lp--increase-priority . "Increase priority")
(lp--decrease-priority . "Lower priority")
(lp--yank . "Move selected")
(lp--filter . "Filter")
(lp--show-hide-memberships-read-before . "Toggle display of memberships read before...")
(lp--show-hide-memberships-read-after . "Toggle display of memberships read after...")
(lp--show-hide-read-memberships . "Toggle display of memberships without unreads")
(lp--show-hide-passive-memberships . "Toggle display of passive memberships")
(lp--show-all . "Show all memberships")
(lp--membership-type . "Membership type")
(lp--toggle-invitation . "Toggle invitation")
(lp--toggle-passive . "Toggle passive")
(lp--toggle-message-flag . "Toggle messages")
(lp--toggle-secret . "Toggle secret")
(lp--quit . "Quit")
(lyskom-language-var local lyskom-move-tree-actions en
......@@ -330,8 +330,47 @@
(item kom-edit-quit))))
"The menus for editing LysKOM messages.")
(defvar lyskom-prioritize-menu-template
'((menu lyskom
((item lp--toggle-membership-selection)
(hline select-separator-1)
(item lp--select-region)
(item lp--select-priority)
(hline select-separator-2)
(item lp--deselect-priority)
(item lp--deselect-all)
(hline select-separator-3)
(menu lp--membership-priority
((item lp--set-priority)
(item lp--move-up)
(item lp--move-down)
(item lp--increase-priority)
(item lp--decrease-priority)
(item lp--yank)))
(menu lp--membership-type
((item lp--toggle-invitation)
(item lp--toggle-passive)
(item lp--toggle-message-flag)
(item lp--toggle-secret)))
(menu lp--filter
((item lp--show-hide-memberships-read-before)
(item lp--show-hide-memberships-read-after)
(item lp--show-hide-read-memberships)
(item lp--show-hide-passive-memberships)
(hline filter-separator)
(item lp--show-all)))
(menu lp--membership-expansion
((item lp--toggle-entry-expansion)
(item lp--expand-entry)
(item lp--contract-entry))
(hline quit-separator)
(item lp--quit))))))
(defvar lyskom-menu-list '((lyskom-mode . lyskom-menu)
(lyskom-edit-mode . lyskom-edit-menu))
(lyskom-edit-mode . lyskom-edit-menu)
(lp--mode . lyskom-prioritize-menu))
"List of menu sets in LysKOM")
(defvar lyskom-menu nil
......@@ -340,6 +379,9 @@
(defvar lyskom-edit-menu nil
"A keymap the LysKOM menu in the edit buffer.")
(defvar lyskom-prioritize-menu nil
"Menus for the prioritize mode.")
(defvar lyskom-popup-menu nil
"A keymap the LysKOM menu in the edit buffer.")
......@@ -397,6 +439,7 @@
(defun lyskom-build-menus-xemacs ()
(setq lyskom-prioritize-menu (lyskom-define-menu-xemacs lyskom-prioritize-menu-template))
(setq lyskom-edit-menu (lyskom-define-menu-xemacs lyskom-edit-menu-template))
(setq lyskom-popup-menu (lyskom-define-menu-xemacs
......@@ -408,6 +451,9 @@
(setq lyskom-menu (make-sparse-keymap))
(setq lyskom-edit-menu (make-sparse-keymap))
(setq lyskom-popup-menu (make-sparse-keymap))
(setq lyskom-prioritize-menu (make-sparse-keymap))
(lyskom-define-menu-gnu lyskom-prioritize-menu lyskom-prioritize-menu-template)
(lyskom-define-menu-gnu lyskom-menu lyskom-menu-template)
(lyskom-define-menu-gnu lyskom-edit-menu lyskom-edit-menu-template)
(lyskom-define-menu-gnu lyskom-popup-menu
......@@ -1582,9 +1582,35 @@ See `kom-priotitize-in-window'."
(defun lp--mode ()
"\\<lyskom-prioritize-mode-map>Mode for prioritizing conferences in LysKOM.
\[lp--move-up] moves a single conference up in the list.
\[lp--mode-down] moves a single conference down in the list.
SPC toggles the selection of a single membership.
\[lp--select-region] selects all conferences between point and mark.
\[lp--select-priority] selects all conferences with a certain priority.
\[lp--deselect-region] clears the selection.
\[lp--yank] moves all selected conferences to where point is in the list.
\[lp--set-priority] changes the priority of all selected conferences.
\[lp--toggle-passive] makes passive memberships active and vice versa.
\[lp--toggle-invitation] toggles the invitation flag of a membership.
\[lp--toggle-secret] makes secret memberships non-secret and vice versa.
\[lp--toggle-message-flag] toggles reception of group messages for that conference.
Changes take effect immediately.
This mode is still under development and is subject to problems. In
particular, it is unlikely to handle all error conditions gracefully,
which may lead to inconsistencies between the buffer and reality.
Should a problem occur, killing the buffer and reopening it usually
clears the problem.
All bindings:
Entry to this mode runs lp--mode-hook."
Entry to this mode runs lp--mode-hook, but since the name of this hook
is subject to change, be careful when using it."
(setq major-mode 'lp--mode)
(setq mode-name (lyskom-get-string 'lp-mode-name))
......@@ -1601,6 +1627,8 @@ Entry to this mode runs lp--mode-hook."
(setq lp--hidden-entries nil)
(setq lp--entry-filter nil)
(lyskom-set-menus 'lp--mode lyskom-prioritize-mode-map)
(setq lp--mode-line-selected "")
(setq mode-line-format lp--mode-line)
......@@ -2544,6 +2544,35 @@ Nuvarande r
(kom-edit-add-personal-comments . "Begr personliga svar")
(kom-edit-add-read-confirm-request . "Begr lsbekrftelse")
(kom-edit-move-text . "Flytta till en ny mottagare")
(lp--toggle-membership-selection . "Vxla markering p medlemskap")
(lp--select-region . "Markera omrde")
(lp--select-priority . "Markera prioritet")
(lp--deselect-priority . "Avmarkera prioritet")
(lp--deselect-all . "Avmarkera alla")
(lp--membership-expansion . "Expandera medlemskap")
(lp--toggle-entry-expansion . "Vxla expansion")
(lp--expand-entry . "Expandera medlemskap")
(lp--contract-entry . "Avexpandera medlemskap")
(lp--membership-priority . "Prioritet")
(lp--set-priority . "ndra prioritet")
(lp--move-up . "Flytta uppt")
(lp--move-down . "Flytta nedt")
(lp--increase-priority . "ka prioritet")
(lp--decrease-priority . "Minska prioritet")
(lp--yank . "Flytta markerade")
(lp--filter . "Urval")
(lp--show-hide-memberships-read-before . "Vxla visning av medlemskap lsta fre...")
(lp--show-hide-memberships-read-after . "Vxla visning av medlemskap lsta efter...")
(lp--show-hide-read-memberships . "Vxla visning av medlemskap utan olsta")
(lp--show-hide-passive-memberships . "Vxla visning av passiva medlemskap")
(lp--show-all . "Visa alla medlemskap")
(lp--membership-type . "Medlemskapstyp")
(lp--toggle-invitation . "Vxla inbjudan")
(lp--toggle-passive . "Vxla passiv")
(lp--toggle-message-flag . "Vxla meddelanden")
(lp--toggle-secret . "Vxla hemlig")
(lp--quit . "Avsluta")
(lyskom-language-var local lyskom-move-tree-actions sv
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