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* New features
** Changes to key bindings
*** A large number of key bindings have been changed in the english
version of the client. These changes make the bindings slightly
more consistent and open up keys for future use.
*** The key `a' is now a prefix for add comments (bug 834).
*** The sequence `s u' is now a prefix for subtract commands (bug
*** The binding for kom-review-backward is now under the prefix for
review commands (bug 834).
** Typefaces and colors
The code for handling faces has been completely overhauled. The
concept of face schemes has been removed. Instead, there is a
variable for each face role that contains the face to use in that
role. This makes it possible to have different faces in differnt
buffers, makes it easier to define custom faces and to customize
face use.
Faces can now be selected in the settings buffer.
This fixes bugs 486, 498, and 499.
** When running against a 2.1.0 server or later, settings made in one
session will be copied to other sessions with the same user.
** kom-set-unread now accepts a date as well as a number of texts (bug
** The client can transform URLs according to user-defined rules
before sending them to the web browser. Rules are stored in
kom-url-transformation-rules and can be set in the settings
buffer (bug 923).
** There are multiple user-selectable lists of namedays. The variable
kom-show-namedays can now indicate which list to use. Use the
settings buffer to select a list (bug 924).
** The variable kom-server-aliases no longer contains the builtin
server list; those are in kom-builtin-server-aliases instead. Users
may now modify kom-server-aliases to add server aliases without
affecting the builtin list (bug 915).
** Copy settings/Kopiera inställningar copies settings from one
session to another (bug 753).
** It is possible to specify patterns used to generate clickable links
in texts. Patterns can be specified on a per-conference or on a
global bases in the settings buffer.
** List summary/Lista ärenden now lists texts in comment order with
indentation to indicate comment level.
** kom-write-text asks for a recipient by default (bug 823).
** kom-write-letter only accepts letterboxes as initial recipients.
* Minor improvements
** The prompt timestamp format obeys standard options, and can now
include seconds (bug XXX).
** Lucia is indicated in lyskom-times (bug 928).
** When running a command that reads text numbers, and the prefix
argument indicates the parent of a text (typically when the user
hits C-u before the command), and there are multiple parents,
provide completion when asking which one to use (bug 701).
** kom-super-jump is smarter about selecting recipients. The order is
now current conference first, the first recipient of the text that
the user is a member of, then similar for CC and BCC recipients.
Finally the first recipient, CC or BCC recipient is chosen if the
user is not a member of any recipients (bug 677).
* Bug fixes
** kom-compare-texts does not signal an error if one of the texts is
** Whitespace around numeric input is now ignored (bug 880).
** Key bindings of swedish characters are now more portable. Differnt
versions of Emacs have different conventions. Even within a single
Emacs version, conventions are different depending on window
system. The client now binds a large number of variants in order to
hopefully bind one that works (bug XXX)
** kom-change-faq now creates a FAQ if there isn't one already (bug
** When calling lyskom-ispell-message from kom-send-text-hook,
corrections to the subject line are retained (bug 817).
** The default text for kom-write-footnote now follows standard rules
for text numbers as prefix arguments (bug 879).
** kom-jump uses the standard text number prefix argument (bug 921).
** Server FAQs are only displayed once (bug 961).
** kom-who-is-on-in-conference does not list passive members (bug
** When scrolling, position point far enough to the left that
automatic horizontal scrolling in Gnu Emacs doesn't take place (bug
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