Compiler [Optimizer]: Fix fatal error in docode().

The code generator complained about "F_PUSH_ARRAY unexpected in
this context." when evaluating top-level F_ARG_LIST nodes containing
F_PUSH_ARRAY nodes. This seems to be an old bug that has resurfaced
with the removal of the top_statement_label_dummy.

Fixes #10023.
parent 270e477c
......@@ -3277,8 +3277,28 @@ INT32 docode(node *n)
insert_opcode0(F_ENTRY, n->line_number, n->current_file);
/* FIXME: Should we check that do_docode() returns 1? */
/* NB: Add a mark (or rather do_pop_mark cleanup callback) so that
* F_PUSH_ARRAY stays happy even when n is an F_ARG_LIST.
PUSH_CLEANUP_FRAME(do_pop_mark, 0);
/* NB: Should we check that do_docode() returns 1?
* - No, it returning multiple values (or none) is a
* supported operation (cf F_ARG_LIST).
/* Clean up the mark we set above.
* NB: We can not use POP_AND_DO_CLEANUP here as it will
* also pop the value stack.
insert_opcode0(F_DUMB_RETURN, n->line_number, n->current_file);
entry_point = assemble(0); /* Don't store linenumbers. */
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