Commit 56f84a65 authored by Henrik (Grubba) Grubbström's avatar Henrik (Grubba) Grubbström
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8.0::Crypto: Make the compat_proxy symbol visible.

This helps the module dumper to do the right thing when encountering
8.0::Crypto.CBC or 8.0::Crypto.Buffer.

Fixes #10037.
parent 3399e69c
......@@ -109,7 +109,9 @@ protected class CompatProxy
//! @endignore
protected CompatProxy compat_proxy = CompatProxy();
// Public to make it easier for the module dumper...
// Cf #10037.
/* protected */ CompatProxy compat_proxy = CompatProxy();
program(Crypto.CipherState) CBC = compat_proxy.CBC.State;
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