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2018-08-08 Niels Möller <>
* nettle.texinfo (Compatibility): New section on ABI and API
2018-07-25 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <>
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c: Add benchmarking for HMAC functions.
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ object-oriented wrapper for your favorite language or application.
* Conventions:: General interface conventions.
* Example:: An example program.
* Linking:: Linking with libnettle and libhogweed.
* Compatibility:: On API and ABI compatibility between versions.
* Reference:: All Nettle functions and features.
* Nettle soup:: For the serious nettle hacker.
* Installation:: How to install Nettle.
......@@ -348,7 +349,7 @@ the command line
gcc sha-example.c -o sha-example -lnettle
@end example
@node Linking, Reference, Example, Top
@node Linking, Compatibility, Example, Top
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@chapter Linking
......@@ -366,7 +367,72 @@ algorithms, the recommended linker flags are @code{-lhogweed -lnettle
may be sufficient to link with just @code{-lhogweed}, and the loader
will resolve the dependencies automatically.
@node Reference, Nettle soup, Linking, Top
@node Compatibility, Reference, Linking, Top
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@chapter Compatibility
@cindex ABI compatibility
@cindex API compatibility
@cindex Binary compatibility
When you write a program using the Nettle library, it's desirable to
have it work together not only with exactly the same version of Nettle
you had at hand, but with other current and future versions. If a
different version of Nettle is used at compile time, i.e., you recompile
it using the header and library files belonging to a different version,
we talk about API compatibility (for Application Programming Interface).
If a different version of Nettle isn't used until link time, we talk
about ABI compatibility (Application Binary Interface) or binary
compatibility. ABI compatibility matters mainly when using dynamic
linking with a shared library. E.g., a user has an executable linking at
run-time with @file{}, and then updates to a later version
of the shared library, without updating or recompiling the executable.
Nettle aims to provide backwards compatibility, i.e., a program written
for a particular version of the Nettle library should usually work fine
with later version of the library. Note that the opposite is not
supported: The program should @emph{not} be expected to work with older
versions of the Nettle library; and ABI breakage can be unobvious. E.g,
the later version may define a new library symbol, and let header files
redefine an old API name as an alias for the new symbol. If the later
version ensures that the old symbol is still defined in the library,
this change is backwards compatible: A program compiled using headers
from the older version can be successfulyl linked with either version of
the library. But if you compile the same program using headers from the
later version of the library, and attempt to link with the older
version, you'll get an undefined reference to the new symbol.
API compatibility is rarely broken; exceptions are noted in the NEWS
file. For example, the key size argument to the function
@code{cast128_set_key} was dropped in the Nettle-3.0 release, and all
programs using that function had to be updated to work with the new
ABI compatibility is broken occasionally. This is also noted in the NEWS
file, and the name of the shared library is updated to prevent
accidental run-time linking with the wrong version. All programs have to
be recompiled before they can link with the new version. Since names are
different, multiple versions can be installed on the same system, with a
mix of programs linking to one version or the other.
Under some circumstances, it is possible to have a single program
linking dynamically with two binary incompatible versions of the Nettle
library, thanks to the use of symbol versioning. Consider a program
calling functions in both Nettle and GnuTLS. For the direct dependency
on Nettle, the program is linked with a particular version of the Nettle
shared library. GnuTLS uses Nettle internally, but does not expose any
Nettle data structures or the like in its own ABI. In this situation,
the GnuTLS shared library may link with a different version of the
Nettle library. Then both versions of the Nettle library will be loaded
into the program's address space, and each reference to a symbol will be
resolved to the correct version.
Finally, some of Nettle's symbols are internal. They carry a leading
underscore, and are not declared in installed header files. They can be
used for local or experimental purposes, but programs referring directly
to those symbols get neither API nor ABI compatibility, not even between
minor versions.
@node Reference, Nettle soup, Compatibility, Top
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@chapter Reference
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