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FIFA 19 – Sports Game for Football fans all over the world

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If you are a big fan of football, chances are that you have heard of or even tried the series of FIFA. However, are you sure that you know all about “the most popular football game” and its latest version? If you don’t, this following article is here to help you. Visit our website, best free game stores - Download apk games for Android now.

General information of FIFA


Launched in 1993, FIFA currently is well-known as the most preferred series of soccer simulator video games. Released every year by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports name, until now, FIFA has 27 installments. The latest is FIFA 19 which was released in September 2018. This is also the first series receiving the official license from FIFA.

To download FIFA 19, you simply go to the Google Play store and install it. As you can see, the cover athletes are Cristiano Ronaldo and Jr Neymar.

As for the latest version, there are many new and interesting features for you to discover. Under the clear instruction of Neymar, you will gradually become a “legend” in your tournament. Practice skills, collect more Elite players, complete all tasks, and earn rewards – all to help your dream come true.

How to play FIFA 19

First of all, you need to sign up an account. You can play on multiple devices and save your progress. Make sure that you don’t include your real name or any other personal information because your username is visible for everyone.

Next, if you are a newcomer, you will be guided step-by-step. It is compulsory for you to complete a training course with 8 basic tasks. When you have finished all, you will know how to shoot, pass and defend the ball, avoid obstacles and improve OVR. Here are your “portal” to unlock other tasks and earn points.

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Highlights of FIFA 19

Over 100 million users have installed and engaged in this fantastic sports game. Why is that? Answers are the awesome features.

  1. Champions League features Champions League seems to be t he most prestigious competition among the best clubs of the world. It is the time when dreams are fulfilled and legends are born. This historic tournament now comes to FIFA 19. You will have a chance to experience the spectacle of European nights will all new broadcast package and a new commentary team across a range of game modes. In both Kick Off or Career Mode, you can enjoy the battles between the greatest clubs that will give you goosebumps.

  2. New Gameplay features

  • Active touch system: Have you ever thought of using Neymar Trap to get scores? Sounds impossible in real life; however, with active touch system of FIFA 19, it is at your fingertips. Thanks to this new feature, you can control your ball better such as touching, striking, passing, balancing, and advancing. Basically, it changes the way you react to the ball, and allows your infinite creativity to knock out the opponent.

  • Productive tactics: To win a battle, you need an excellent tactical mind. Changing tactics many times both before and in the middle of the match is necessary. To help you set multiple tactical approaches in pre-match and more options for mid-match adjustments, FIFA 19 creates a re-imagined system.

  • Timed Finishing: If you want to make an unstoppable shot with huge power and lightning speed, all you need to do is to tap the “shoot” button twice. The first is to strike, and the second is control how accurately you make a shot. Sounds easy, but to become a timed finishing master is not a piece of cake. However, don’t worry because Training parts are always ready to help you.

  • Head-to-head battles: Many factors decide the outcome of the fierce battles. It seems that user reactions and player attributes are the most important things. The more dynamic your tactics are, the higher winning changes you get.

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  1. The Journey: Champions

The Journey to become a champion takes a determination and a will to win. Even through the toughest moments, you still keep believing. Following the touching stories of Kim Hunter, Guide Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, you can see this. Every unforgettable moments in their careers make us respect. Because all three stories happen at the same time, you can switch anytime you want to experience a new feeling.

  1. Ultimate Team

Perfect squad with the best players all over the world such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or anyone you like is not a dream anymore. Try to earn Gems as much as you can, and then come to the store to buy a dream squad.

  1. New Kick Off

Compared to Classic Kick Off, the Kick Off mode of FIFA 19 includes more eye-catching graphics, realistic animation, and modified rules. In addition, while playing, you also have a chance to talk with your friends via “Chat”. All make it more exciting for every player.


  1. Top-rated players by users

Each and every user longs for owing a dream squad with these following members: Kevin De Bruyne, Luka Modric, Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo. What about you? If you have other choices, don’t hesitate to support them.

Wrapping it up!

If you are searching for an outstanding sports game featuring new gameplay, a brand-new Kick Off mode, the UEFA Champions League, and the attractive story of Champions, FIFA 19 is your solution. Let’s boost your leading ability via setting tactics for the whole team and show your unique skills. Become a champion in your own story, why not?

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