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Cook 0.14.0.

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List of people who have contributed to the eNaCl source code:
Alexander Færøy
Amir Ghassemi Nasr
Jesper Louis Andersen
Joel Stanley
Parnell Springmeyer
Ricardo Lanziano
......@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@ In general, the primitives provided by NaCl are intermediate-level primitives. R
# Versions
### v0.14.0
* Add support for libsodiums `box_seal` functions (Amir Ghassemi Nasr)
* Add support for libsodiums `crypto_sign_detached` (Joel Stanley, Parnell Springmeyer)
* Switch the tag names to the form `0.14.0` rather than `v0.14.0`. For this release both tags are present, but
from the next release on, it won't be the case.
### v0.13.0
* Quell warnings from the C code
{application, enacl,
{description, "Erlang NaCl bindings"},
{vsn, "0.13.0"},
{vsn, "0.14.0"},
{registered, []},
{applications, [kernel, stdlib]},
{env, []}
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