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Provide edoc documentation for the primitives.

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......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@
%%% <p><b>Warning:</b> The cryptographic strength of your implementation is no stronger than
%%% plaintext cryptography unless you take care in using these primitives correctly. Hence,
%%% implementors should use these primitives with that in mind.</p>
%%% <p><b>Note:</b>All functions will fail with a `badarg' error if given incorrect
%%% parameters.</p>
%%% @end.
......@@ -73,24 +75,58 @@ verify_32(X, Y) -> enacl_nif:crypto_verify_32(X, Y).
%% Public Key Crypto
%% ---------------------
%% @doc box_keypair/0 creates a new Public/Secret keypair.
%% Generates and returns a new key pair for the Box encryption scheme.
%% @end.
-spec box_keypair() -> {PublicKey, SecretKey}
when PublicKey :: binary(),
SecretKey :: binary().
box_keypair() ->
%% @doc box/4 encrypts+authenticates a message to another party.
%% Encrypt a `Msg` to the party identified by public key `PK` using your own secret key `SK` to
%% authenticate yourself. Requires a `Nonce` in addition. Returns the ciphered message.
%% @end
-spec box(Msg, Nonce, PK, SK) -> CipherText
when Msg :: binary(),
Nonce :: binary(),
PK :: binary(),
SK :: binary(),
CipherText :: binary().
box(Msg, Nonce, PK, SK) ->
enacl_nif:crypto_box([p_zerobytes(), Msg], Nonce, PK, SK).
%% @doc box_open/4 decrypts+verifies a message from another party.
%% Decrypt a `CipherText` into a `Msg` given the other partys public key `PK` and your secret
%% key `SK`. Also requires the same nonce as was used by the other party. Returns the plaintext
%% message.
-spec box_open(CipherText, Nonce, PK, SK) -> Msg
when CipherText :: binary(),
Nonce :: binary(),
PK :: binary(),
SK :: binary(),
Msg :: binary().
box_open(CipherText, Nonce, PK, SK) ->
case enacl_nif:crypto_box_open([p_box_zerobytes(), CipherText], Nonce, PK, SK) of
{error, Err} -> {error, Err};
Bin when is_binary(Bin) -> {ok, Bin}
%% @doc box_nonce_size/0 return the byte-size of the nonce
%% Used to obtain the size of the nonce.
%% @end.
-spec box_nonce_size() -> pos_integer().
box_nonce_size() ->
%% @private
-spec box_public_key_bytes() -> pos_integer().
box_public_key_bytes() ->
%% @private
-spec box_secret_key_bytes() -> pos_integer().
box_secret_key_bytes() ->
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