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......@@ -28,19 +28,17 @@ In addition, I would like to thank Steve Vinoski, Rickard Green, and Sverker Eri
* Write simple correctness unit tests for the different NaCl primitives.
* Introduce `iodata()` and `eqc_gen:largebinary/2` support to test the code base for very large binaries and iodata input. The current test cases mostly concerns themselves about the rather small input.
* Verify that the binary-only inputs doesn't accept incorrect `iodata()` input.
# Versions
## v0.10.x
### v0.10.x
Maintenance release.
## Upcoming release:
* Introduce NIF layer beforenm/afternm calls.
* Use test cases which tries to inject `iodata()` rather than binaries in all places where `iodata()` tend to be accepted.
* Fix type for `enacl:box_open/4`. The specification was wrong which results in errors in other applications using enacl.
## v0.10.x
### v0.10.2
Maintenance release. Fix some usability problems with the library.
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