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    Include private dependencies automatically in pkg-config for non-shared builds · c8b1d2fa
    Martin Storsjö authored and Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller committed
    When a user invokes pkg-config to get the necessary linker flags
    for linking to libhogweed, the user can add --static to get the
    private dependencies included, which are necessary for static
    linking. If the hogweed build contains both static and shared
    libraries, this works as intended - if the user explicitly passes
    -static to the linker to have it favor static libs over shared
    ones, the same user also needs to tell pkg-config about this intention.
    If the hogweed build happens to be static-only, the user of the
    library might not be aware of this, and might not realize needing
    to pass --static to pkg-config. (This is even more an issue in
    setups with a large number of libraries, where only a few of them
    are built static-only.)
    For these cases, where a library is built as only a static library,
    one fairly common convention (not used everywhere, but at least in
    some libraries I regularly use) is to include the private dependenc...