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    * Makefile.in (hogweed_SOURCES): Added dsa-sha1-sign.c, · ed5015c3
    Niels Möller authored
    dsa-sha1-verify.c, dsa-sha256-sign.c, and dsa-sha256-verify.c.
    * dsa.h: Updated and added dsa declarations.
    * dsa-sha256-verify.c (dsa_sha256_verify_digest): New file, new
    (dsa_sha256_verify): New function.
    * dsa-sha256-sign.c (dsa_sha256_sign_digest): New file, new
    (dsa_sha256_sign): New function.
    * dsa-sha1-verify.c (dsa_sha1_verify_digest): New file. Moved and
    renamed function, from dsa_verify_digest, rewrote to use
    (dsa_sha1_verify): Analogous change, renamed from dsa_verify.
    * dsa-sha1-sign.c (dsa_sha1_sign_digest): New file. Moved and
    renamed function, from dsa_sign_digest, rewrote to use _dsa_sign,
    and added return value.
    (dsa_sha1_sign): Analogous change, renamed from dsa_sign.
    * dsa-verify.c (_dsa_verify): New general verification function,
    for any hash.
    * dsa-sign.c (_dsa_sign): New general signing function, for any
    hash. Returns success code, like the rsa signture functions.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.71
    Rev: nettle/Makefile.in:1.22
    Rev: nettle/dsa-sha1-sign.c:1.1
    Rev: nettle/dsa-sha1-verify.c:1.1
    Rev: nettle/dsa-sha256-sign.c:1.1
    Rev: nettle/dsa-sha256-verify.c:1.1
    Rev: nettle/dsa-sign.c:1.3
    Rev: nettle/dsa-verify.c:1.3
    Rev: nettle/dsa.h:1.4
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