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Copied 2.7.1 NEWS entry. Started on entry for 2.8.

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NEWS for the 2.8 release
This release includes several interface changes. It is not
binary compatible with earlier versions. It is mostly
source-level (API) compatible, with a couple of
incompatibilities noted below.
Interface changes:
* For the many _set_key functions, it is now consider the
normal case to have a fixed key size, with no key_size
arguments. _set_key functions with a length parameter are
provided only for algorithms with a truly variable keysize,
and where it makes sense for backwards compatibility.
* New AES and Camellia interfaces. There are now separate
context structs for each key size, e.g., aes128_ctx and
camellia256_ctx, and corresponding new functions. The old
interface, with struct aes_ctx and struct camellia_ctx is
kept for backwards compatibility, but might be removed in
later versions.
* The type of most length arguments is changed from unsigned
to size_t. The memxor functions have their pointer arguments
changed from uint8_t * to void *, for consistency with
related libc functions.
* DSA: Support a wider range for the size of q. XXX Also
interface changes.
Bug fixes:
* Building with ./configure --disable-static now works.
New features:
* Support for poly1305-aes MAC.
* Support for the Chacha stream cipher.
* Support for EAX mode.
* New x86_64 assembly for GCM and MD5. Modest speedups on the
order of 10%-20%.
* Use GMP's allocation functions for temporary storage related
to bignums, to avoid potentially large stack allocations.
* The portability fix for the rotation macros, mentioned in
NEWS for 2.7.1, actually didn't make it into that release.
It is included now.
NEWS for the 2.7.1 release
This is a bugfix release.
Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug in the new ECC code. The ecc_j_to_a function
called GMP:s mpn_mul_n (via ecc_modp_mul) with overlapping
input and output arguments, which is not supported.
* The assembly files for SHA1, SHA256 and AES depend on ARMv6
instructions, breaking nettle-2.7 for pre-v6 ARM processors.
The configure script now enables those assembly files only
when building for ARMv6 or later.
* Use a more portable C expression for rotations. The
previous version used the following "standard" expression
for 32-bit rotation:
(x << n) | (x >> (32 - n))
But this gives undefined behavior (according to the C
specification) for n = 0. The rotate expression is replaced
by the more portable:
(x << n) | (x >> ((-n)&31))
This change affects only CAST128, which uses non-constant
rotation counts. Unfortunately, the new expression is poorly
optimized by released versions of gcc, making CAST128 a bit
slower. This is being fixed by the gcc hackers, see
The following problems have been reported, but are *not* fixed
in this release:
* ARM assembly files use instruction syntax which is not
supported by all assemblers. Workaround: Use a current
version of GNU as, or configure with --disable-assembler.
* Configuring with --disable-static doesn't work on windows.
The libraries are intended to be binary compatible with
nettle-2.2 and later. The shared library names are and, with sonames still and
NEWS for the 2.7 release
This release includes an implementation of elliptic curve
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