Commit 2c508beb authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö Committed by Niels Möller
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sha: Add the missing W64_EXIT epilogue macro

parent 99740b4f
2013-04-23 Niels Möller <>
From Martin Storsjö:
* x86_64/sha256-compress.asm: Add forgotten W64_EXIT.
* x86_64/sha512-compress.asm: Likewise.
* x86_64/salsa20-crypt.asm (Lpartial): Don't return via W64_EXIT
within this subfunction.
* x86_64/machine.m4 (W64_ENTRY): Use movdqu instead of movdqa for
......@@ -192,5 +192,6 @@ PROLOGUE(_nettle_sha256_compress)
mov 112(%rsp),%r15
add $120, %rsp
W64_EXIT(3, 0)
......@@ -192,5 +192,6 @@ PROLOGUE(_nettle_sha512_compress)
mov 176(%rsp),%r15
add $184, %rsp
W64_EXIT(3, 0)
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