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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.332
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2005-10-05 Niels Mller <>
* x86/aes-decrypt.asm: Use C_NAME(_nettle_aes_decrypt_table) when
using the AES_SUBST_BYTE macro. Use PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE.
* x86/sha1-compress.asm: Use PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE.
* x86/arcfour-crypt.asm: Likewise.
* x86/aes-encrypt.asm: Likewise.
* (ELF_STYLE): Substitute configure's ASM_ELF_STYLE.
* asm.m4 (PROLOGUE, EPILOGUE): New macros, checking the value of
ELF_STYLE. So far, used and tested only for the x86 assembler
files, and needed to make the assembler happy both with ELF
(linux, solaris) and COFF (windows).
* (NM): Use AC_CHECK_TOOL to check for nm.
(ASM_SYMBOL_PREFIX): Use $NM when examining the object file.
(ASM_ELF_STYLE): New variable. Set to 'yes' if assembling a file
with ELF-style .type and .size pseudo ops works.
* (TARGETS, DISTFILES): Added nettle.pdf.
(.texinfo.dvi,, .ps.pdf): New targets, to build nettle.pdf.
(DOCTARGETS): New variable with targets that shouldn't be deleted
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